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Raft Race // Hughenden Festival of Outback Skies
Raft Race // Hughenden Festival of Outback Skies

Now this might float your boat! Start researching and developing your ideas for the raft race. Build your own raft and get a team of four together for oodles of fun. Barrels, waterbottles, wood your imagination is the limit to what will float.

Gather your team and bring your raft to the start line at 2 pm on Saturday, 29 April 2023 at the Recreational Lake at Hughenden.

Open and Kids division

Entry Fee –  Kids – $30; Adults $50 (up to 4 people per team)

The Raft Race is part of the Hughenden Festival of Outback Skies, which embraces the essence of the outback – showcasing the lifestyle and interests with the backdrop of impressive big open skies.

The festival is set to be an outback event like no other! Featuring an array entertainment appealing to a diverse audience – live music, dinner under the stars, workshops and art, and a bull ride just to name a few. The festival provides endless opportunity to get involved, or just lay back and enjoy the surrounds!

The Shire’s future is bright, with new investment in renewable energy, agriculture, leisure and tourism. Hughenden is a an outback town with endless opportunities.

To find out more about the Festival of Outback Skies, visit their website.

The race takes place on the Recreational Lake in Hughenden. The course on the water will be marked with buoys and there will be a start and finish line on the banks of the lake.

A great prize pool is up for grabs at the Viper Water Solutions Raft Raft for a total of $5000

  • Open – 1st price $2800
  • Kids- 1st price $800
  • Titanic – (this is the mystery prize and we have set $400)
  • Best Decorated Raft & Team – $1000

In order to make it a fair competition for everyone, we had to come up with a set of rules. Please make sure you read the below list and know what you are getting yourself into when you register your team for the Raft Race.

Raft Race Rules

1. All participants must be able to swim AND wear a PFD (Personal Floatation Device – these are provided on the day by Outer Limits)
2. All participants compete at their own risk
3. Rafts will be checked over prior to race and we maintain the rights to disqualify rafts
4. All 4 team members must stay with the raft while in the water
5. Canoes, kayaks, boats, surfboards, blow up beds etc may NOT enter the race
6. The above craft may not either form the hull of the raft
7. Mechanical propulsions devices are NOT allowed in the design
for ex. Motors and propellers
8. 1 (one) hand-held paddle per person
9. Oars are not allowed
Please note:
The difference between oars and paddles are that paddles are held by
the paddler and are not connected with the vessel. Oars connected to the
raft will be disqualified.
10. Toxic containers must NOT be used. Any container that has been used for the storage of any toxic or harmful substance will NOT be allowed on the lake.
11. Dimensions of the raft i.e. must not exceed 5 m long * 2m wide.
12. No physical interference with other competitors/team is allowed. However, the use of water guns are permitted to fill up from the lake.
13. No alcohol is to be consumed by competitors prior to or during the raft-race
14. There will be 2 race categories:
Adults (16+ years)
Juniors (8-15years)
15. Prizes are given to the first team in adults and kids category
16. We will judge the best decorated raft – the winner receives a prize
17. A $500 mystery prize will be given out on the day
18. The debris off your raft and your raft itself must be removed once the race is finished
19. Team members MUST NOT hang off the raft and kick in the water, the entire body must always remain on the raft
20. Official finish is when the ENTIRE raft (incl people) crosses the finish-line
21. We will allow kids to use the same raft as the adults for their race if required
22. We recommend wearing enclosed shoes and consider sun safety for your outfit

Register your team below. When registering online, you agree to the Release of Liability, Indemnification & Assumption of Risk Agreement.

If you would like to volunteer for this event, please contact us directly via

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