Outer Limits Adventure was built to pass on our passion for outdoor adventure. We help people create an active and adventurous lifestyle and give them the opportunity to explore their “outer limits” through outdoor adventure sport.
We create the adventure, you live it!

Personal Training

One on One Training with Sam Stedman

Outer Limits Adventure Fitness offers personal training in Townsville and multi-sport coaching for people looking to get more out of their training. We can customise sessions to suit you and offer home training programs to keep you busy every day of the week. We specialise in trail running, mountain biking and ocean kayaking. We have sessions to suit all fitness levels. We also offer weight loss programs and work with a dietician to make sure we get results.

If you are not sure of where to start, visit our events calendar or work with one of our trainers to see what’s out there for you. Find a goal and get started on your way to a healthy happy adventurous lifestyle

Contact us now to set up the path to take you to your Outer Limits! 

One on One Personal Training- $75 an hour – 10 sessions  $675

2 people per session $40 each

3-4 People per session $30 each